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Configure your public website
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Manage your public website and landing page content
Manage your public website and landing page content

Edit your home page and public portal, create custom pages.

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Every program has a public facing portal. These are some examples:

Edit the Landing Page

You will want to populate your home pages and potentially create some custom pages as well. To edit your landing page content, click Public Settings and then Website on the left side navigation.

Click Edit on Home.

Enter your content in the content area using our WYSIWIG editor.

You can automatically generate a list of your active programs by clicking Insert Variable directly above the WYSIWIG editor and inserting {ActiveProgramsList}.
More information {ActiveProgramList} can be found here.

Click Save. To check your work, click Public Website at the top of your screen.

Custom Pages

Besides the home page, you can create additional custom pages that can optionally show up in the top navigation.

To add a custom page, click Add Menu Item if it will be a top level parent page, or click Add Child if you want to add a sub-page to an existing page. Child pages will have that drop down menu effect in the navigation.

Give the page a name and a URL key. A URL key, also known as a slug, will appear in the URL and should contain underscores (_) instead of spaces. Choose whether this page should show up in the navigation menu on the public portal and whether or not it should open in a new tab. The ordinal is the order in which it will appear in the menu. And finally, choose what type of page this is.

Program Home page type would be a link directly to a submission form -- useful for a 'Submit Nomination' link in the navigation menu.

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