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Modify login box headings and other system content pages
Modify login box headings and other system content pages

Edit content on check out pages, my submissions, etc. etc.

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There are a number of areas that you have the ability to modify content for that are set as default in OpenWater. The available areas will be detailed below, but they are all configurable in the same place in your public website settings. To get started click Public Settings and then Website in the left side navigation.

Tab over to System Content and click Edit on the item you wish to change.

Login Box

Login / Register Content


Area above choice of payment.

Review and Checkout

Content area above the shopping cart list.

My Submissions

My Applications page on left side navigation.

My Judging Assignments

Content area on the My Judging Assignments page in left side navigation.

Entry Not Completed

Application Needs Attention

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