By default, applicants do not have access to what the judges scored and commented on their submissions. However, you can change this with the flip of a setting.

To allow applicants to see scores and comments from their judges, as well as their winner status, first navigate to your program.

Under the Round Settings drop down menu, click Advanced.

Judge Score Visibility

Configure the judge score visibility. You can anonymize the scores and comments or choose to show the judges' names. You can also choose whether to show both the scores and comments, or just one of them.

On the public view, the applicant can click Complete on the left side navigation and click View Scores on their submission.

Their scores and comments will be accessible on the final Evaluation page.

Winner Visibility

You can also choose to show the applicant if their submissions were winners, and if so, what winner designation they received.

Check off the desired options.

On the public portal, a new item in the left side menu, Results, will become accessible. Winner designations will be visible in the Details column.

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