Forward a submission to the next round

Forward a submission to the next round or revoke a submission from the next round

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If you have multiple rounds of judging, you can forward a submission on through. Additionally, if a submission was forwarded, you can pull it back from the next round.

To forward a submission to the next round, first view your scores and results.

Check off the submissions whom you want to forward and click Set Forwarding Status.

Click Forward to Next Round and then Set.

Their status will now be YES in the Forwarded column.

Revoke a Submission from Next Round

You can pull a submission back from the next round by checking the submission and clicking Clear Forwarding Status

Ask Applicants to Come Back and Submit Part II of their Submission

In a scenario where you have multiple rounds, and the round you are forwarding these submissions to are another Submission Round, you have the option to notify the applicant that their application has been forwarded and that they can login and submit more information. You can find this email in System Settings > System Emails > "Application Forwarded into New Submission and Reviewing Round". This email is off by default.

Alternatively, you can leave this email notification off, and instead send a blast email to all those who have been forwarded in one shot by following our Email Wizard.

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