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Configure your public gallery of submissions
Configure your public gallery of submissions

Allow the submissions to be viewable to the public

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A great benefit you can offer your applicants is that their submissions will become available on a public gallery. The applicants can share their submission with their friends and colleagues. This will drive additional traffic to your program.

These are examples of a public gallery:ย 

To configure your gallery of submissions, first navigate to your program. Galleries are configured per round.

Under the Round Settings drop down menu, click Application Gallery.

Click Enable Public Gallery and choose if anyone can view the gallery or if the user must be logged in to view the gallery. Additionally, specify if you want winner information listed publicly.

Save this URL as it is the link to your public gallery.

Click Save and then tab over to Application Visibility Conditions. By default, we show completed submissions, but you can modify the conditions to anything. Another common approach is to limit to winners only.

The next tab is List Page Settings. You can choose a file upload field from the submission form to serve as the thumbnail image. It is recommended that you have one field on the form dedicated to image-only. A best practice is to inform the applicant that this primary image will be used on a public gallery.

Explore the remainder of the search, sorting, and filtering options below.

The final tab is Details Page Settings. The most convenient approach is to click Render Fields and then Select which fields from the submission should appear on the public gallery when someone clicks View Submission.

Alternatively, you can click Render from Wysiwig and completely customize your details view in HTML with Insert Variable.


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