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Enable public vote of submissions
Enable public vote of submissions

Allow the general public to vote on submissions

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Some programs run a People's Choice or a public vote. This can be achieved in coordination with our gallery feature. 

Before you enable voting, be sure to setup your gallery.

Under the General tab of your gallery settings, click Enable Public Voting. Set a start and end date for the public vote and whether or not the voters are required to be logged in or if the system should track votes by setting a cookie on the voters' browsers. Specify how many votes are allowed per user and if they are allowed to vote once every 24 hours.

Click Save and then tab over to Vote Confirmation Page Settings to thank the voter and customize the vote confirmation message. 

The last tab, Vote Confirmation Page Social allows you to include social sharing links and buttons to encourage voters to share submissions with their friends and colleagues.

Vote Log

You can view the raw vote log by clicking Tools drop down menu and then click Vote Log.

View Voting Results

You can view the results of voting the same way you would view the results of a normal judging. The only difference is that you would click Voting Results on the category you want to view.

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