By default, all customers are provided an OpenWater domain located at * You can choose whatever you want to go before the The only limitation is that no other customer currently has the prefix you wish to use.


Some customers opt to use a custom domain, also known as a vanity domain.

Examples: |

Custom domains have limitations and incur a fee.

Getting Started with a Custom Domain

To make use of a custom domain, follow these steps:

  • Confirm with your budget team, the cost, $1,200 per year

  • Confirm with your IT department that we can have FULL DNS CONTROL of this domain

  • Contact your support representative to request activation of a custom domain, let us know your IT point of contact's email as well in your request

  • OpenWater support will confirm any DNS records you wish to keep and indicate the ones that will be changed

  • OpenWater support will provide new Name Servers that your IT team will have to point this domain at

  • Within 10-14 business days, the new URL will be activated


Why is Full DNS Control Required, I just want to point a CName / AName for my subdomain?
OpenWater makes use of several layers of firewalls and load balancers.  As we operate in the cloud we need the ability to quickly route traffic when needed while maintaining SSL and security.  By having full DNS control to your domain we can provision the necessary certificates we need year-round without worry about causing downtime.

What if I need DNS Changes?
Since we have full DNS control of your domain, we are willing to provide unlimited DNS changes to this domain as part of the fee you pay.  To request a DNS change, place a support ticket.  DNS changes will take place during our normal support hours, however you can request an after hours change if one is needed which we will accomodate depending on our schedule.

What if I don't want to give you full DNS control?
Most of our customers using vanity domains create a brand new domain for their awards program.  For example the is a brand new domain ONLY for the awards program, the parent company is

I still want a custom domain but cannot justify the budget / $1,200 is too steep, what can I do.
Unfortunately our security certificate costs + labor costs do not leave us much margin to help here.  What some customers have done is setup a 301 redirect or an unmasked redirect.  Your IT team should be able to do this.

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