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Setup a custom domain

Use a dedicated domain like Also known as a vanity domain or a CNAME.

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By default, all customers are provided an OpenWater domain located at * You can choose whatever you want to go before the The only limitation is that no other customer currently has the prefix you wish to use.

Some customers opt to use a custom domain, also known as a vanity domain.

Custom domains have limitations and incur a fee.

Getting Started with a Custom Domain

To make use of a custom domain, follow these steps:

  • Confirm with your budget team, the cost, $1,200 per year

  • Your IT point of contact can prepare in advance by setting a CNAME record

    • If your OpenWater domain is

    • Set a CNAME for to point to

    • Use a tool like CNAME Lookup to confirm that you have done this correctly

  • Contact your support representative to request activation of a custom domain, let us know your IT point of contact's email, the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) such as, and confirm the link you want it pointed to (e.g.

    • Example:
      Hi Support Team,

      I would like to proceed with setting up a CNAME for I would like to use as the FQDN.

      I understand and confirm the charge of $1,200.

      CC'd is my colleague IT Person with email who has already setup the CNAME.

      Please let me know know steps


Do you need Full DNS Control of my Domain?
As of January 1, 2022 we no longer require full DNS control of your domain. The instructions above have been updated accordingly.

I still want a custom domain but cannot justify the budget / $1,200 is too steep, what can I do.
Unfortunately our security certificate costs + labor costs do not leave us much margin to help here.  What some customers have done is setup a 301 redirect or an unmasked redirect.  Your IT team should be able to do this.

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