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Add Google Analytics to your portal

Track visitors and integrate google analytics functionality

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OpenWater makes it easy to integrate Google Analytics or any other javascript-based website analytics tool. All you need to do is insert the javascript code snippet into your theme.

Google Analytics is used all around the web for marketing managers and web administrators to see how their websites are being used.  Google Analytics provides robust functionality -- most of it entirely free -- to track in real time who is on your website and what they are doing.  It then stores the data and makes it available for historical reporting to track how people landed up at your website.

To integrate Google Analytics into your OpenWater portal, click Public Settings on the left side navigation and then click Themes.

Choose the theme you want to edit and then grab your Google Analytics snippet code provided to you by Google.

Copy and paste the code into your Head Scripts section and click Save.

That's all there is to it.

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