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Emails from OpenWater are going to spam or junk folder
Emails from OpenWater are going to spam or junk folder

Ensure email deliverability and avoid spam

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In order to allow for maximum email deliverability, we rely on a third party provider for sending out our emails: SendGrid.

This gives us an an incredible reputation of 99%+ emails delivered.

Having said that, certain customers have less luck than the masses. Below are some troubleshooting steps as well as available options you can take to improve email deliverability.

Emails Not Being Delivered To Gmail or Outlook

Please review the From Email address in your organization settings or the Override From features used in any email blast. If the email address you specified in the Reply-To Address field belongs to a consumer email provider such as or, it is highly probable that the email will not be delivered to the intended recipients. To avoid such delivery issues, it is recommended that you use an email address that aligns with your organization's @domain. Alternatively, you can keep the email setting as

Use Your Own SMTP Server

If your organization uses a proprietary transactional email service like SendGrid, MailGun, or sendinblue, you can contact customer support and provide them with your SMTP credentials. Once we receive your credentials, we will integrate them into our system, enabling OpenWater to utilize your own SMTP server for sending out emails.

However, it is recommended that you avoid using SMTP credentials for business suite email services like O365 or Google Workspace. These services are not designed to handle transactional emails and may experience delivery failures.

Domain Authentication

If your organization is unable to provide their own SMTP server, then domain authentication is available. Domain authentication is the process of adding the appropriate SPF and DKIM DNS records for a customer’s domain. This option requires steps be performed by OpenWater as well as on the customer's IT team.

When this is configured properly, email sent by OpenWater using the customer’s provided email address will appear to be coming from a properly-authorized email server for the client’s domain and are less likely to be filtered as junk.

Please reach out to customer support if you would like to pursue this option.

Whitelist IP Address

If your incoming mail server needs to have emails white listed, be sure to set us up on that whitelist.  Provide them our IP address:

SendGrid Sub Account

If none of the options above are viable solutions for you, OpenWater can provision a SendGrid sub-account on your behalf for an additional fee. If you are interested in this option, please reach out to customer support.

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