Introduction to the OpenWater Data API

Pull data out of OpenWater programmatically

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This article refers to our legacy V1 API.  The V1 api will continue to be supported until December 31, 2022 however all new integrations should use the our REST api.


OpenWater provides a mechanism for pulling submission data, judging data, and invoice data out of your platform. The API is currently read only, meaning you cannot write new data to OpenWater.

The API is JSON-based.

Single Sign On

If you are looking to build a single sign on (SSO), please see this article.

Authentication to the API

In order to authenticate to the data and invoice api endpoints, you need to include licenseKey in the header of your requests. You can request a license key from your support representative.


We can enable the API for you at no charge, but there is no developer-level support included. If you would like an OpenWater developer to assist you throughout your build out, you can purchase development hours.


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