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OpenWater API: Report Endpoint

Learn how to pull submission and judge data out of OpenWater via the API

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This article refers to our legacy V1 API.  The V1 api will continue to be supported until December 31, 2022 however all new integrations should use the our REST api.


Before you get started, please see the introduction to the API.

Report Endpoint

This API endpoint is used for pulling submission and judge data out of OpenWater. At a high level, first a report is configured in the OpenWater platform and you can then call that report via the API to get the data.

Create the Report

In order to call the report, you first have to go the advanced settings to enable a JSON Report. Click here to learn how to create a JSON Report.

Call the Endpoint

Find The Report ID

Once the JSON Report is enabled, you must write down the Report ID. The report ID is the last number at the end of the URL when you built your report. In the below example, the report ID would be 142.

Find Your Domain

Your domain is simple as it is the same as your OpenWater platform. In the above example, it would be

Connect to the API

We recommend using our C# module. At a high level, the code will call the API to initiate the report and then repeatedly poll the status of the report until it is complete. When the report is complete, it will provide a URL to download a .json file with the structure you specified when you built the report and convert to a dynamic object.

Usage of the module:

var domain = "";
var licenseKey = "YOUR LICENSE KEY";
var reportId = "142";

OpenWaterApi openwaterApi = new OpenWaterApi(licenseKey, domain);

var data = openwaterApi.GetSubmissionsReport(reportId);

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