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OpenWater API: Invoices / Payments Endpoint

Pull finance data out of OpenWater with our API

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This article refers to our legacy V1 API.  The V1 api will continue to be supported until December 31, 2022 however all new integrations should use the our REST api.


Before you get started, please see the introduction to the API.

Invoice / Payments Endpoint

Find Your Domain

Your domain is simple as it is the same as your OpenWater platform. In the above example, it would be

Connect to the API

We recommend using our C# module. This will call our invoice endpoint and return a JSON result with this structure.

The method signature to call for invoice data is the following:

public string GetInvoicesReport(bool includeUnpaid = false, DateTime? startDate = null, DateTime? endDate = null)

All arguments are optional. If the method is called with no arguments, it will pull all invoices from the platform in one go. Otherwise, you can specify start and end dates.

Usage of the module:

var domain = "";
var licenseKey = "YOUR LICENSE KEY";

OpenWaterApi openwaterApi = new OpenWaterApi(licenseKey, domain);
var data = openwaterApi.GetInvoicesReport();
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