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Archive judges

Archive judges to keep the judges search field looking clean

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If you have been a long time customer of OpenWater, you might find that you have many judges added to your platform. Sometimes, this can be an annoyance, especially if you know your judges will not be returning. We have built in the ability to archive judges to help you keep your list of judges clean, so that only the ones you care about show up anywhere in the platform. While you cannot remove a judge entirely (keeping historical records and scores are important), you can archive judges.

To get started, click Judges in the left side navigation and then click All Judges. Or search for a judge if you prefer.

Click Select on the judge you wish to archive.

On the next screen, tab over to Tools. Then click on the archive button.

Your judge is now archived. If you navigate back to the All Judges screen, you will no longer see their name or assignments. However, this does not mean they have been deleted! They are not removed from any of their judging assignments, and all of their previous scores are kept.

If you want to unarchive a judge, from the All Judges screen click the dropdown menu above the list of judges, where it says Active. Select the Archived option, and your archived judge or judges will appear. From this screen, simply select the archived, judge, tab over to Tools and click unarchive. Your judge is now restored.

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