Submission Form Field: Table of Items

Permit applicants to add multiple items or people to a table on the submission form

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One common element we have found that customers have on their submission forms is the concept that applicants can add multiple items to a table. For example, your applicants might have a list of authors that participated on a proposal.
There are three steps that must be completed to add a table: add the table field itself; manage the fields that the applicants will fill out when they add a new row to the table; edit the information that is actually shown in each row of the table.

To add a Table of Items field to the submission form, click Table on the left side panel of the form builder.

Available Field Settings

The Table field requires additional configuration after you have added it to the submission form.

Basic Settings

If you make the field required, you will have the option to specify a minimum number of items that should be added to the table. Additionally, you can include a maximum allowed.

Item Name and Item Name Plural are used to denote phrasing to the applicant to "Add Another Author", etc., etc.

Manage Fields

Now you have to choose which fields will appear to the applicant when they add another table item. Click Manage Fields button.

Design your sub-form that will appear whenever an applicant adds another item to your table. Following the example of authors, we have created a form that requires the applicant to fill in as much info as possible about the author below.

Click Save Form and Back to return to the previous screen when ready.

Edit Row Template

The final piece to configure is to decide how the item will appear to the applicant after it has been added to the table. Click Edit Row Template.

A WYSIWIG will appear which will let you design your row any way that you wish. Follow the animation below.

Click Save Form to ensure your changes are saved.

The Applicant View

Let's look at how this feature functions for the applicant.

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