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Single Scoring Mode: Quickly hand jam scores from judges
Single Scoring Mode: Quickly hand jam scores from judges

A special judging mode that allows you to collect scores from judges and quickly enter them in as an administrator.

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Single Scoring Mode, while not often used, can be helpful in certain scenarios. If you require your judges to only enter a single numeric score (such as enter a score between 1 and 100) and an optional comments field for each assigned submission, Single Scoring Mode may be right for you.

Why Use Single Scoring Mode?

The most applicable example is that you are doing an in-person judging event and you require your judges to walk around, scoring submissions with a single numeric field. For example, "this submission is a score of 89...this submission is a score of 91", etc, etc, along with some optional comments. The judges can write these scores down on paper using a clipboard. Our single scoring mode automatically enables the feature to print out these scoring sheets for judges demonstrated below.

Once the judges write down their scores and comments for each submission, they can hand the sheets in to the administrators who can quickly hand jam the scores into the platform on behalf of the judges.

While this is what the feature was intentionally designed for, we have seen customers use it for other scenarios as well. Any situation where you simply need to type in a single numeric score on behalf of judges in quick succession is fair game here.

Enable Single Scoring Mode

To enable single scoring mode, first navigate to your program.

Under Round Settings drop down menu, click Evaluation Form.

You must configure two questions only on your evaluation form - a numeric field and a comments field.

Once those two fields are configured, OpenWater will instinctively understand that you are using Single Scoring Mode and the feature will be enabled.

Print Out Score Sheets and Wall Sheets for Judges

Once single scoring mode is enabled, you should assign your judges to submissions.

After submissions are properly assigned, you can go to Tools drop down menu and click Print Outs or Print Outs for Judge.

If you click Print Outs, you can print wall sheets for each category. Wall sheets are helpful for placing them on tables or walls during an in-person judging to inform judges of where submissions are placed based on category. Printing a score sheet will print out all the score sheets for each judge who is assigned submissions in that category.

For a score sheet, you can customize what appears here under the Entry Information column.

By default, it will show the Application Name, but you can override this by going to Program Settings drop down menu and clicking Judge Settings.

Check the box for Set Custom Entry Information for Score Sheets and click Insert Variable to choose which fields you want to appear in that column.

Enter Scores in as Administrator

Now that you have collected the numeric scores and comments from the judges for each submission, it is time to enter them into the platform.

Under the Tools drop down menu, click Scores / Results.

Click Scoring on the category you want to enter scores for.

For each judge and each submission, enter the scores and comments. A pro-tip is to use your TAB key to quickly jump from box to box for even faster hand jamming.

Don't forget to click Save Scores.

You're all set.

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