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Support multiple languages by enabling multilingual mode
Support multiple languages by enabling multilingual mode

Allow your applicants to choose which language to view your public website in

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OpenWater offers the ability for the front end of your program to be viewed in several different languages. The translation engine currently supports French, German, Spanish, and Chinese. The engine will automatically translate words and phrases that are part of the OpenWater system. You will have to manually input translations for phrases that you create in the form builder and other parts of your program.

The multilingual module is not turned on by default. If you would like to have it enabled, please contact your support representative.

Enable Multilingual and Select Your Language(s)

To begin translating your program, click Public Settings and then Language Configuration in the left side navigation. Then select the languages that you would like to enable for your system and click Save.

Input Translations for Phrases

After you have enabled additional languages for your system, you will see a new tab appear called Translations

Click the Translations tab and then click Refresh Phrases.

You can use the dropdown menu to view All phrases, Missing Translations phrases, and phrases that have already been Translated.

To input a translation, replace the text in the right column with a translation of the corresponding phrase. When you are done inputting your translations, remember to click Save All in the upper left hand corner.

Exporting Translatable Phrases and Searching Phrases

We recommend that before you begin translating any phrases, you ensure that you have finalized all edits to your programs. Any changes that you make to the content in your programs will create a new phrase in the translation engine, and as a result, reset any translation that you had input for that phrase.

An efficient approach to having your phrases translated is to export all of the translatable phrases from OpenWater to excel. You can send this excel file to your translator. Click Export to CSV or Export to XLS at the top of the table to export all of the phrases.

Editing Translations in the Form Builder

Along with editing translations on the Language Configuration page, you can also edit them from within the form builder itself. When editing a form, click on the field that you wish to translate. In the Field Settings click the links to Set Translations to bring up the input window for a certain phrase.

REMEMBER: If you change anything in a phrase, even just one character, any translation that you created will be reset and must be input again.

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