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Assign abstracts to a session as an administrator

Build a session from submitted abstracts as an administrator.

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This tutorial is a continuation of our series on building out sessions from submitted abstracts for a conference. Please see the previous article on adding new sessions to the program. The following article will demonstrate how to assign abstracts to a session as an administrator. If you are looking to perform this action as a Session Chair, please see this article instead.

Assign an Abstract to a Session

To assign abstracts to a session as an administrator, click Manage on your Call for Abstracts program.

Under the Sessions drop down menu, click Manage Sessions.

In the resulting list, locate your session you wish to assign abstracts to and click Manage.

Click Add Application to this Session.

Click Assign to Session on the abstracts you wish to assign to this session.

Once you have assigned the abstracts to your session, you can rearrange the order in which presentations appear as well as override the default amount of time allocated for that item.

You can also add Other Time to this session to include Coffee Breaks, Lunches, and any other items that you have specified in the configuration settings.

If you are ready to finalize this session, click Finalize My Session.

You successfully built out a session! Continue to build the rest of your sessions as needed.

General Pool

The following options appear if you have General Pool enabled in your session builder settings.


If you click Flag, a pop up will appear with the following options:

The option for 'Make this Application available to the general pool' can be selected. This is typically used if you feel this abstract is not relevant to your session or topic and should be made available to other sessions.

Additionally, if General Pool is enabled, this checkbox is available:

This allows you to search through the general pool submissions and assign if one happens to be relevant to this session.

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