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Assign abstracts to a session as a Session Chair

Session Chairs can login and assemble a session from available abstracts

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This article is for Session Chairs and how they can assign abstracts to sessions they have been tasked with organizing. If you are an administrator, you first need to add these sessions and specify who the session chairs are by following this article.

My Sessions

Login to the session chair management portal from the information provided to you by the conference organizer. After you login, click My Sessions in the left side navigation. If no left side navigation is available, hover over My Account to find the same menu options available.

Manage Session

The next screen will be a list of sessions you are responsible for organizing. If you are session chair for only one session, that single session will appear in the list as shown below. Click Manage.

Click Add Application to this Session. This will bring up a list of abstracts that are available for assignment to your session.

Click Assign to Session on the abstracts you wish to assign to this session.
Once you have assigned the abstracts to your session, you can rearrange the order in which presentations appear as well as override the default amount of time allocated for that item.

You can also click Add Other Time to this Session to allocate time towards Coffee Breaks and Lunches, or any other time blocks that the conference organizer allows.

If you are ready to finalize this session, click Finalize My Session.

You successfully built out a session! Continue to build the rest of your sessions as needed.

General Pool

The following options will only appear if the conference organizer has enabled General Pool mode. General Pool allows you to reject an abstract as not relevant or applicable to your session or topic. You can also view abstracts in the general pool that have been pushed there by other Session Chairs.


If you click Flag, a pop up will appear with the following options:

The option for 'Make this Application available to the general pool' can be selected. This is typically used if you feel this abstract is not relevant to your session or topic and should be made available to other sessions.

The second option, 'Alert the conference organizer that this abstract is inappropriate' will send an email to the administrators with your message.

Additionally, if General Pool is enabled, this checkbox is available:

This allows you to search through the general pool submissions and assign if one happens to be relevant to this session.

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