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Set conference dates, rooms, and time slots for your session scheduler
Set conference dates, rooms, and time slots for your session scheduler

Set conflict detection, conference days, room requirements, time slots to prepare for scheduling

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By this point in time you have built out your sessions for the conference and it is time to schedule those sessions into time slots. Before scheduling begins, there are some key configuration components to take care of, such as setting the days and time slots, along with rooms and conflict detection.

To begin configuring your scheduler, click Manage on your Call for Abstracts program from your dashboard.

Under the Sessions drop down menu, click Scheduler Configuration.

General Settings and Conflict Detection

On the first tab, General, set your timezone for the scheduler .

Conflict Detection

Check Emails for Conflicts. By default, OpenWater will use the email address as the unique indicator for conflict detection on an individual. Choose whether you want to check conflicts against applicants, session chairs, or both. You can also include checks against other User Profile fields.

Ignore List. This is useful for including test accounts, or administrator accounts that are attached to sessions for the purposes of testing and verifying. You can ignore conflicts from those email addresses listed here.


The second tab over is Days. Add the days for your conference by clicking Add Day.

Give the day a code, name, and choose the date.

Add all of your days as needed.


The third tab is Rooms. Each conference generally has a series of rooms that are available. To add a room, click Add Room.

Give the room a code and a name. Optionally, you can specify a room capacity and notes. Capacity and notes will appear as meta data on your scheduler tool while scheduling for your convenience.

Click Save and add all of your rooms.

Time Slots

The final tab is Time Slots. Time slots are the slots in which you will schedule sessions into. Click Add Time Slot.

Give the time slot a code, name, and choose the start and end times of the time slot.

You can also choose whether this time slot appears on all days of the conference, or choose specific days. Add all the time slots for your conference.

Next Steps

That concludes your scheduler configuration! You can now begin placing sessions on your calendar. See the next article.

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