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Create a searchable session agenda for online viewing

Allow your visitors to view and navigate the session agenda online

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A great benefit you can provide your conference attendees is to allow them to view the session agenda online. The session agenda is automatically generated from the sessions you previously scheduled.

There are some minor configuration options to get out of the way to enable an effective online viewing gallery of your conference sessions.

From your dashboard, click Manage on your Call for Abstracts program.

Under the Sessions drop down menu, click Gallery Configuration.

Click Enable Session Gallery and choose whether anonymous visitors can view the agenda or visitors must login to view the agenda. Click Save.

New tabs will appear after you click save. 

Session Visibility Conditions

You can limit which type of sessions, or which sessions by day or room appear on the calendar. Most customers leave this blank to show all sessions on the agenda.

Session List View

The third tab over is Session List View. If you attached images to your sessions, you can click Use Thumbnail.

The Header section can be used to place default text at the top of the list of sessions. Description can show meta data about the session under each item in the list.

You also have a plethora of search, sorting, and filtering options available.

Click Save and go to your public gallery link back on the General tab to view your progress. Here is a sample:

Session Details View

Session Details View is configuration for what should appear if someone clicks on a Session to view more details.

We recommend clicking Insert Variable and include meta data about the session. A great variable to use is {SessionItemTable}.

The {SessionItemTable} will render a list of abstracts and their details, along with a View link for further information about that speaker.

The {SessionItemTable} can further be customized.  To update this go to Sessions > Sessions Configuration

Then choose Content Settings

This will override the Session Item details section on the Session Chair, Admin and Session Gallery List View screens.

Application Details View

The {SessionItemTable} variable mentioned above is only useful if you configure the final tab, Application Details View, which will render the information about the presentation. The simplest approach is to click Render Fields and then Manage under Select Fields to choose which fields should appear on the page.

This will render as:

Next Steps

That concludes your online agenda setup. Feel free to publicize that link on your public website and anywhere else in your marketing materials.

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