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Allow multiple people to work on a submission together
Allow multiple people to work on a submission together

Team submissions, collaborators, and multiple editors for a single submission

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Some longer and complex application forms require input from a variety of collaborators to complete.  OpenWater supports the concept of a Primary Collaborator and Additional Collaborators.

The primary collaborator can submit or finalize the application.
The primary collaborator can add other collaborators.

All collaborators can View and Edit an application.

To enable the collaboration feature, first navigate to your program.

Under Program Settings drop down menu, click Applicant Settings.

Check the box to Allow Multiple Collaborators to Edit an Application.

When this setting is enabled, the application form will show a Manage Collaborators button to the primary collaborator.

The Primary Collaborator can add additional collaborators by clicking Add Collaborator.

Note: Only one user can be editing a submission at a time.  OpenWater will lock the record as one user is editing it to avoid accidental overwriting of another's information.

Once a collaborator is added, the application can be transferred to a new Primary collaboratory by clicking Make Primary.  Access can also be removed from a collaborator by clicking Remove Access.

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