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Allow guests and anonymous users to submit a form
Allow guests and anonymous users to submit a form

Allow users to skip the login / registration process on a program by program basis.

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For certain workflows, applicants may consider the step of registering for an account to be onerous.  This article describes the options available in OpenWater along with the pros and cons.

To access the login configuration of a form, first navigate to your program.

Under the Program Settings drop down menu, click Applicant Settings.

Scroll to the bottom and see the options available:

Require Login
This option ensures a user is logged in prior to them accessing a form.  Logged in users must complete an extra step of logging in or registering for an account, however they have access to their submissions in an incomplete status.  They are able to begin a submission and return at any time prior to the application deadline.

Allow Guest Registration
This option allows users who have an account to login, users to create an account, or users to skip the process.  The login screen will render with this additional button:

Clicking this Skip and Login as a Guest takes the user directly to the form.  See Limits on Guest Users below.

Force Guest Access for Anonymous Users
This option bypasses the login or create account screen entirely.  If the user is already logged in, OpenWater will recognize them and allow them to save progress.  However if the user is not logged in, they are brought directly to the form.  See Limits on Guest Users below.

Limits on Guest Users
Guest users must complete and submit their application in a single session.  They may submit more than one submission as a guest (e.g. add multiple submissions to a cart and checkout), however if they close their browser they will have to start over.

Note: When using forcing guest access for anonymous users, the default Save and Finalize message will not be relevant (users cannot log back in to view their form), so you will want to edit it. This can be done by going to Applicant Settings.

Accessing a Guest Submission from the Admin Panel
Guest submissions appear alongside of all other submissions in the admin panel.

If a guest decides later they wish to have an account, or if they accidentally closed their browser and lost their submission, you as an admin can re-assign a guest submission to its rightful owner.  

To do so, create an applicant then follow the steps to re-assign the submission.

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