The Home Screen can now be personalized per admin user.  Read on for information about how to use the productivity boosting features  of the home screen.

For organizations that run many programs, the home screen allows each admin to choose the programs that are most important to them to keep a quick eye on.

Marking a Program as Favorite
Use the Mark as Favorite option to shortlist the programs you want to look at on the dashboard.  Then use the heart icon to filter on only your favorite programs.  The system will remember your choice from session to session.

Expand / Collapse
Each program now displays in a collapsed format by default.  You can click an individual item to expand it or click the Expand All option to view all details.

Program Tags
When creating a program you can now set a tag.  This tag can then be searched on in the home screen.  Note that tags are saved with the program and are shared amongst all users.  Unlike the favorite option, tags are not unique per admin.

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