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Submission Form Field: Collect digital signatures (premium feature)
Submission Form Field: Collect digital signatures (premium feature)

Use a field to accept a digital signature directly in your submission form

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Note: This is a premium feature, which is not activated by default in OpenWater. To learn more, contact your support representative. If you have an unlimited license, the feature is activated.

If you collect personal information in your submission form, you may need to also require your applicants to submit a signature as part of the form. You can insert a specialized field directly into your form that will allow applicants to draw a signature with their cursor.

To add a digital signature field, first navigate to your program. Click Round Settings, then Submission Form. Select the page of your form to which you'd like to add the digital signature field. Click Manage Question Form to open the form builder.

In the left-hand column, click the button labeled Digital Signature. This will add the field to the form.

In the field settings you can set the Label for the field, as well as any additional details, such as the statement to which the applicant is signing his or her name. 

When the form is accessed by the user, they will see an open box, in which they may use their cursor to draw a signature.

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