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OpenWater provides a mechanism for managing the entire program life cycle via API. You or your development team can create users, submit to programs, forward to rounds, assign judges, update fields, and pull data all via our REST api.

Single Sign On

If you are looking to build a single sign on (SSO), please see this article.

Authentication to the API

In order to authenticate to the API you must generate an API key. To do so go to System Settings > Permissions

The API operates under the privileges of an admin user, either create a user for API access or choose an existing user. Choose the API Keys option.

Add one or more API keys that tie to this user. If an API key is no longer needed or you believe it is compromised you should delete it.


The full API is available via our swagger specification.

You should connect to

Use the header X-ClientKey as your OpenWater domain
(example: X-ClientKey:

Use the X-ApiKey as your generated API key
(example: X-ApiKey: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000)

Sample C# Code is available.

Fees and Rate Limits

API usage can be enabled for $2,000 per year.

API rates are as follows:

  • 3 or less calls per second, no charge.

  • Greater than 3 per second will require a paid increase.

  • Single API Call: 1 unit per call

  • Report: 1 unit per second of report processing time

API rates can be increased in speeds: 5 calls per second, 10 per second, 25+ per second.

API Support

Reach out to your organization's support representative if intro context to the API or questions on which endpoints to use are needed.

OpenWater can also build and maintain your integration, reach out for a quote.

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