Sometimes it may be useful to allow your applicants to withdraw their own completed submissions. This is useful when they want to void that submission and resubmit something new, or perhaps they are no longer interested in applying.

To allow your applicants to withdraw their submission, first navigate to your program.

1. Under the Program Settings drop down menu, click Applicant Settings

2. Check the box for Allow Applicant to Withdraw an Application. Then navigate to the bottom of the page and click save.

3. Go to your public website, which can be easily navigated to via clicking Public Website.

4. From there, you will see any completed submissions on the left side menu. Click on Complete.

5. If the Allow Applicant to Withdraw an Application feature was enabled there should now be a Withdraw button beside each completed submission.

When an applicants decides to withdraw their application it will simply move it from Pending or Approved status, to Disapproved.

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