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Add a surcharge when an applicant chooses to pay by credit card
Add a surcharge when an applicant chooses to pay by credit card

Also known as Processing Fees

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There might be a situation where you wish to add a processing fee to a payment, such as where an entrant is paying by credit card and you wish to add on a surcharge.

Note: This feature is disabled by default. If you would like this feature enabled, please contact your support representative. Once enabled, you will see the option in your Round Settings menu as shown below.

To set up a Processing Fee, first navigate to your program.

Under the Round Settings dropdown, click Processing Fee (under the PRICING subheading). 

The next screen will list payment methods. The system is already configured so that these will trigger when that type of payment method is chosen at checkout, for example, processing fees set up within the “Credit Card” option will only trigger if an entrant chooses the Pay by Credit Card option on their payment screen. 

In this scenario, we’re going to set up a fee to apply when people are paying by credit card. Click Select next to Credit Card.

You can choose to apply processing fees per Individual Item or as one fee for the Overall Cart. In this scenario, we want to apply one flat fee regardless of how many items they are paying for. Under Set Rules for Overall Cart, click the ADD PRICE RULE button.

Give the Price Rule a Name. This name will display next to the “Total Amount Due” balance on the checkout screen, so make sure it’s something informative for the entrant. Leave the Charge $ as it is, and type in an Amount. This will be the amount charged as the processing fee. Click SAVE.

Upon saving, you will see a new tab screen called Conditions. This is where you can further specify when the fee is to apply - useful in scenarios where you might only want to add the fee if the total charge amount is under or over a certain value. 

For now, we’re going to leave the conditions area blank - this means the processing fee will apply to all credit card payments for this program. Our rule is set up and ready to go!

If your program has specific conditions, but you are unsure about how to set these up, reach out to your support representative.

This is how it will look from the entrant side of the system (paying for a $100 cart):

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