Some more complex submissions require input from a variety of people to complete the application. Other times a third party needs read-only access to a submission. OpenWater supports the concept of Sub Accounts to enable these workflows.

The primary, parent account can add sub accounts, set and change their permissions, and remove sub accounts. Sub accounts can have read-only access to the parent account’s submissions, or can create and submit applications on behalf of the parent account. 

Enable Sub Accounts

To enable Sub Accounts, click on the left hand side System Settings and click Sub Account Settings. Check the box to Allow Sub Accounts and click Save. 

Parent Account View

To add a sub account, first log in to the program’s public website. Then click My Profile and go to the Sub Accounts tab. Click the Invite Sub Account button.

Enter the sub account’s email, choose the desired permission level, and click Send Invite.

The parent account can change the permission level of a sub account at any time by going to the Sub Accounts tab and clicking Edit.

Sub Account View

The email that is sent to the sub account includes a link for the applicant to either login or create an account. They will then be given the option to accept or reject access to the parent account. 


Account Detection by Domain

If the parent account and sub accounts all belong to the same organization, the Allow Same Domain User Detection feature might be used. This feature will automatically give new accounts the option of being added as a sub account for their organization. 

To enable Same Domain User Detection, click on the left hand side System Settings and check Allow Sub Accounts. Then check the box to Allow Same Domain User Detection and click Save.  

The first account created by an organization will become the parent account by default. Additional new accounts created with that organization’s email domain will be given the option to become sub accounts to the parent account. 

An administrator can change the default parent account at any time. To change the parent account, go to the left hand side System Settings tab and click Sub Account Settings. Then go to the Manage Primary Domain Users tab and search for the desired organizational domain. Make an account the default parent account by clicking “Make Primary” next to the account. Note that if the primary parent account is changed, any existing sub accounts will remain with their current parent account.



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