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Send Notifications with Hello Bar
Send Notifications with Hello Bar

Send Alerts and Notifications to Attendees with our Hello Bar Integration

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HelloBar is our preferred tool of choice for driving sponsorship revenue through your conference gallery. This is a third party add-on available here. HelloBar allows for a variety of notification formats and includes a free-tier. For our event customers we recommend the $29 plan which will give you 30 days worth of sponsor notifications and advertisements.

HelloBar Do-It-Your-Self (no additional charge from OpenWater)
1. Sign up for Hello Bar

3. Provide OpenWater support your snippet

4. OpenWater will activate HelloBar and you can continue managing your notifications through HelloBar

HelloBar Premium (consulting fees will apply)
1. OpenWater will purchase HelloBar on your behalf

2. You will be able to have a strategy call with an OpenWater Event Planning partner to cover options for sponsorship ideas for your event

3. The OpenWater event planning partner will setup 10 sponsor messages

4. After your event, you will receive analytics on your messages

5. OpenWater will de-activate HelloBar at the end of your event to avoid recurring charges

How does HelloBar Work? [See Video in New Tab]

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