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Live Chat with Attendees with FreshChat
Live Chat with Attendees with FreshChat

We support a third-party integration with FreshChat. This will allow you as an administrator to chat with conference attendees.

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NOTE: FreshChat is a Do-It-Your-Self Add-On by a Third Party.

When you hire OpenWater for Live Event Support we use another tool (intercom), which is a bit more powerful than FreshChat. Intercom is a premium tool only available to OpenWater staff, it allows us to manage not only your event but the 100s of other events we staff. It lets us quickly assign people if someone is out sick to ensure live event coverage. For a single event many other live chat tools can suffice.

Customers have asked for their own live chat tool. We have done research on all of the free and low-cost options and have found FreshChat to have an easy user experience for both agents and attendees/speakers.

Here is an Overview Video on how Fresh Chat Works (See video in new tab)

Setting up FreshChat
1. Sign up for your own FreshChat Account Here.

2. After signing up, on the last step you will see a code snippet. Please pass that code snippet to your OpenWater support rep for installation.

3. If you lost the code snippet, no worries you can get it going to the Gear Icon then Web Messenger

4. OpenWater will then add your code snippet + the following snippet to auto-detect logged in users:

function initFreshChat() {
token: "Y",
host: ""

function initialize(i,t){var e;i.getElementById(t)?initFreshChat():((e=i.createElement("script")).id=t,e.async=!0,e.src="",e.onload=initFreshChat,i.head.appendChild(e))}function initiateCall(){initialize(document,"freshchat-js-sdk")}window.addEventListener?window.addEventListener("load",initiateCall,!1):window.attachEvent("load",initiateCall,!1);

5. Next you will want to downgrade your account to Sprout (free). This video explains how to downgrade the plan to the free edition.

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