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Disability Compliance (WCAG/508) with AccessiBe
Disability Compliance (WCAG/508) with AccessiBe
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The OpenWater platform has the built-in tools in place for disability compliance out of the box. The platform itself supports screen reader navigation, image captions, and alternate themes for high contrast views.

These tools still require a person to go in and manually configure options for helping those with disabilities best navigate the website. For organizations that cater to the disabled much manual work must be done to help create a reasonable experience, instead we suggest the low cost, fully automated tool AccessiBe.

AccessiBe uses AI to automatically scan all content on your OpenWater website and provide captions.

Here is a demo of AccessiBe in action (see in new tab)

Here is an overview of the product (see in new tab)

Standard Installation

Sign up and pay for your own AccessiBe account and provide your OpenWater rep this script. There is no additional charge from OpenWater.

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