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Add a Dependent Field to an already built Submission Form
Add a Dependent Field to an already built Submission Form

Moving fields within a submission form and creating conditional formatting after the form has been built out.

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When building out an entire submission form, you can sometimes realize that you needed to add a dependent field to conditionally change the flow of the submission form for your applicants based on their answer to a question. You can use the Move Fields option within the already created form field to add it to the dependent field after the submission form has been been started or built out.

You'll start with adding a radio field or dropdown to the submission form where the conditional formatting needs to happen.

You'll edit the field to say what you want it to.

You will now need to go and select each of the already created fields you want to populate from the "Yes" choice and clicking on Move Fields under Field Settings :

Then this "Move Field" box will pop up and you will check the box that says "Make this Field Dependent on a List Field" :

Then two drop downs will populate like so :

Then you will select the field you want it dependent on in the drop downs :

Then click "Apply" and then this will pop up to make sure that you want to make those changes. Check the box for "I confirm I wish to move these field" and click "Complete Move" :

After it's saved, it should be moved to the dependent field you selected :

This photo below shows the field is not on the main page.

You can see after clicking on the Yes/No question, the "Yes" item has the dependent field indicator now :

Then you will click that indicator next to the "Yes" item and will open the next page with the one field I moved :

This process will need to be repeated for each field on this page that you need to move to conditional formatting.

It's important to note, you cannot conditionally format the Category selection field or the Title field. These are automatically required fields within OpenWater. You cannot submit an application without these fields filled out by the applicants.

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