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Web Hooks

Receive small JSON events based on activity in OpenWater

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This feature is available to all customers at no additional charge

  • The "Manage System" permission is needed

  • The feature is available at no charge, however API developer support and developer consulting hours are still required for OpenWater to help with your implementation

To use the web hooks the feature must be enabled in System Features.

Click Edit and check WebHooks

After enabling and pressing Save, refresh and you will see a new option for Web Hooks under System Settings

You can add as many web hooks as you need, and each web hook can send events to an endpoint of your choice. For testing we recommend using

  • Name of API: This is a name for your own internal use

  • Payload URL: This is the URL to send the webhook to

  • Authentication Token: This is sent as Authorization Bearer {token} so you can validate the webhook originated from OpenWater

Failed Web Hooks will be retried 3 times, after that they will appear in the Failed tab for your further review. It may take up to 5 minutes after an event in OpenWater to occur before the webhook is fired.

You can activate and deactivate the webhook without changing other parameters.

Sample Payloads


Session and Scheduler

Judges / Reviewers


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