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Manage your Public Website URLs

Create and manage URL's and Public Websites for your programs.

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Previously platform URLs ended in /a. For example if you linked, it would redirect to

This path (/a) can now be overwritten and new paths can be created. We this update we now have support for:

  • Similarly /a/admin is now /admin; but we put in redirects to ensure any bookmarks that are out there will continue to operate

Update Default Website

To update the default website, navigate to Public Settings > Websites and click Set Default Websites.

For Global Default select the website to use for your default domain. Domain Defaults will list each domain on your instance. You can select a default website for each of your domains.

Create a New Website / Path

To create a new website / path, navigate to Public Settings > Websites and click Add New Website.

Fill in your new website's Name, select a Domain, create a Code before pressing Create.

Link a program to this website by going to Program Settings > General Information, checking Force Base Url and selecting the new website.

Update an Existing Website's Path

To update an existing website's path, navigate to Public Settings > Websites and click Select on the website to update.

Tab over to Advanced Settings, select the Domain and update the Code before clicking Save to update the selected website's path.

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