Configure your galleries to have the ability to be closed off with a secret phrase / passcode. This allows you to publish the gallery like a website, but not let everyone see it. This feature now goes beyond our login restrictions to have an extra layer of privacy during roll-outs.

To password protect your galleries, first navigate to your program.

Under Round Settings, select Proposal Gallery. The word "Proposal" is set in your phrases and could read Abstract, Submission, Poster or any use any other term.

Require Login

Under the General tab, select Require Users to Login to View Gallery. You can further restrict access by selecting Restrict Access to Logged in Users Based on Conditions.

After saving and refreshing the page you can tab over to User Access Conditions to set conditions on who should or shouldn't be allowed to access the gallery. This condition builder is similar to other condition builders used through the platform.

Require Passphrase

Regardless if Require Login is enabled or configured you can still require passcodes/phrases on your galleries.

Under the General tab, select Ask for a Passphrase in Order to Access the Gallery.

Gallery Passphrase will appear, enter your passphrase and then click save.

When accessing the Gallery URL all visitors (logged in or not) will be required to enter the passphrase to view the gallery.

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