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Integrations Hub with iMIS
Integrations Hub with iMIS
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The integrations hub with iMIS EMS Enterprise (iMIS Cloud) allows for single sign on, lookups, and push back.

The integration is safe in that it mostly reads information for purposes of single sign on and looking up data. The only place it writes data to is custom objects / panels in iMIS that have the prefix OW_. This safety ensures robust integrations can be built without worry of impacting other parts of your iMIS Setup.

To implement this integration please complete the steps in our learning center.


  1. If I am not on iMIS EMS Enterprise, can I still use Integrations Hub?
    ​Our single sign on works with iMIS versions that have RiSE. (Most versions since 2016). You can implement single sign on with either the ReST API or the Web Services API. Other integrations such as lookup and pushback require EMS Enterprise (iMIS Cloud)

  2. Do I need an staff user account?
    ​If you plan to only use single sign on with basic field mapping (first name, last name, email); we only need the ClientID / Client Secret. If you wish to use IQA or Custom Object push back, then we do require a staff account with the appropriate permissions.

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