On-Premise Version of OpenWater

OpenWater is primarily SaaS product, however an On-Premise version is available for high security environments.

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OpenWater on-premise is available for select government, university and large enterprise (e.g. Fortune 500) customers.

OpenWater maintains a single cloud version of the product, and offers an on-premise copy via a private docker container registry. Data can be moved one-time from the cloud to on-premise.


  1. Work with our accounts team to convert your SaaS license into an on-premise license with a software update fee. Note that the on-premise license begins at $100,000 USD for a 3 year software update term.

  2. Your team will require knowledge of Docker. The install package will setup the web servers and background job servers. You will also need to provide the following external dependencies

    1. Microsoft SQL Server

    2. Sentry.io Logging (optional)

    3. SMTP Server

    4. Redis Server

  3. We will have an onboarding between your development team and our development team to ensure your team has access to both initial setup, and our feed of updates.

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