Tabulate Results into Charts

Tabulate selections of dropdowns, checkboxes, and radio lists

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If you are using OpenWater to assemble a ballot or collect light survey style responses, the tabulation features may be helpful in viewing the data as an alternative to excel output

  1. In Advanced Report Settings, Enable Survey / Tabulation Export

2. By default, all drop down, radio, and checkbox fields will appear. However you can click Manage to change the configuration.

  • Sort Order

    • Default as set in Manage Defaults

    • Order it Appears in Form: This is the order in which the choices appear in the OpenWater form configuration

    • Most to Least Frequent: The item with the most number of times being selected appears first

    • Lead to Most Frequent: The item with the fewest number of times being selected appears first

  • Chart Style

    • Default as set in Manage Defaults

    • Bar Chart

    • Pie Chart:

  • Action: Hide fields you do not wish to show

3. Manage Defaults

  • Set the Default Sort order or Default Chart Mode

  • Show as Other if Less Than %: This is useful to consolidate items that get a small number of selections. In the chart above, if we set it to show Other for items with less than 9%, we will see this:

4. Show / Hide Fields
If you hide a field and wish to show it later, this setting can be used to display it again. This is also useful if you add fields later on, after first creating the report. Those fields are not shown automatically.

After enabling Tabulation mode additional options will appear in the General tab

CSV / Excel Output

  • Shows the Field Name, the Option Value Selected, # of Times out of Total and the % of Total

HTML / Chart


This provides developer friendly version of both the Excel and Charts output, to include the field name, option name, number of times selected, and a URL to generate a chart.

This data is also available via our /v2/Export/Reports/{reportId}/ApplicationSurveyTabulationReport api endpoint

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