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Enable Multi-Factor with Time Based Token

Use Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator to sign into OpenWater

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Email Verification is a simple multi-factor option that emails the user a one-time code to sign in. While this meets requirements of many multi-factor compliance regulations, it is not as secure as a time based token.

  1. Go to System Settings > System Features, and enable Multi-Factor Authentication Mode for Admins or for All Users

  2. Then choose the Authenticator App Verification

3. The next time a user logs in, they will see a screen similar to the following:

4. Then going forward they will be asked for a code to login which they can get from their phone

5. If a user forgets their town, an admin can reset it in the same screen used to reset a password. (Applicants > Search > Tools)

6. If you are an admin and forgot your own token, another admin or OpenWater support can reset it for you

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