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Testing a New SSO (Single Sign On) Integration
Testing a New SSO (Single Sign On) Integration

How to test your SSO (Single Sign On) so you know it's working properly | Average Task Time: 5 minutes

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Whether it's a new integration, a new workflow, or a new form... testing your work is always important to ensure expected results and avoid user issues. In this article, we'll cover how to test a new SSO (Single Sign On) integration.

These testing steps work with all SSOs created in and with OpenWater:

  • Custom Built SSOs

  • Integration Hub SSOs

Let's Get Testing!

1.Navigate to the front end of your OpenWater Instance: https://{YourOpenWaterInstanceName}

2. Click the button that says " Login with {CompanyNameAbbreviation}” on the left side of your screen.

3. Follow the prompt and login in with active credentials.

4. Once you do, you will then be redirected back to your OpenWater Instance.

5. At this time, you will either be redirected straight to your user profile within OpenWater or you can select "Profile" on the left side of your screen to view profile fields that the SSO has pulled over in OpenWater.

6. Verify that all fields within OpenWater's User Profile page are auto-populating as expected.

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