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Integrations Hub - SSO with NetForum
Integrations Hub - SSO with NetForum
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  1. Add a new Single Sign On connector for NetForum

  2. The Process URL is something you'll need to give your IT administrator. Your IT administrator should be able to give you the Login URL.

  3. Paste the URL for your organization’s NetForum login screen into the “Login URL” field

  4. Select the Credentials drop down field and select “+ Add New Credentials”

  5. Fill in the required fields: a unique name for the credentials, the WSDL (xWeb) URL, Username and Password. Once finished entering in credentials, click “Add”

    • Request admin login credentials from your staff if you don't have them already (it's important that these credentials are admin, other account types will not have access to what we need).

  6. Once credentials are successfully added, tab over to “Field Mapping”

  7. Select the appropriate NetForum objects for each of the OpenWater fields that need to be mapped for the SSO

  8. Click on the NetForum field box. Once clicked, the system will do the initial data load. This may take a couple of minutes.

  9. Once the initial load is complete, a box will pop up with a selection of field paths. Find the relevant path and click on the yellow ‘string “ “‘ value next to it. Click Save.

  10. When your field mapping is set, select “Save,” then “Publish” in the top utility bar.

  11. Once published, you can test the integration by clicking “Test”. A new tab will open to the NetForum login page, and you can use any set of valid credentials.

  12. A successful test will go through the login process and redirect you back to your OpenWater page. Click on the User Profile to confirm the fields mapped correctly.

  13. If this test was successful, you are ready to finish your SSO setup via your OpenWater instance. First, go back to your "Settings" tab and copy the Begin URL:

  14. Login to your OpenWater instance as an admin: https://{YourOpenWaterInstanceName}

  15. From the dashboard settings located on the left side of your screen, scroll down to System Settings > Login Configuration

  16. On this Login Configuration page, add the below settings:

    • Check "Allow 3rd Party Corporate Handshake Authentication"

    • Choose "Json Web Token" from the list

    • The Login URL is the Begin URL we just copied from Integrations Hub

    • Secret Key will be the same JWT Secret Key located in your integrations hub settings page

    • For your Login Button Text, we suggest: Login with {CompanyName}

    • Click Save

Your SSO is now complete! As with any new integration or workflow, testing is super important! Follow these steps here:

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