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Integrations Hub - Lookup with NetForum
Integrations Hub - Lookup with NetForum
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Lookup for a Netforum Autocomplete search

  1. From the Integrations Hub dashboard, click on "Look Up" under the Connectors section.

  2. Select the NetForum option from the page with different Look Up options

  3. Under General Settings, give the connector a name and select your desired credentials from the dropdown menu or Add New Credentials. Hit "Save" and "Refresh".

    • You can reuse your SSO credentials, or add a different set. It will ask for WSDL Name, Username and Password.

  4. Under the Autocomplete tab, click the Object dropdown menu and select the appropriate object for data lookup.

  5. In the Field Preview section, type in the desired variables and copy and paste them into the "Label" field.

    • Example: To search for data on first name and last name, use {ind_first_name} and {ind_last_name} as the label.

  6. Choose the desired variable for data lookup from the Value drop down menu.

    • Example: If the values for {ind_firstname} and {ind_last_name} are related to the Customer Record, then choose {ind_cst_key} as your Value.

  7. Set a rule appropriate for your use case under Filter Settings.

    • Example 1: if you want a fuzzy search on the first name you would structure the rule as:

      • “Ind_first_name Like {query}”

      • Keep the {query} variable as is in the third field

    • Example 2: If you want an exact search on the first name, you would structure the rule as:

      • “Ind_first_name == {query}”

      • Keep the {query} variable as is in the third field

  8. Click "Save" and then "Test" to search for data according to the rule you've set.

You're now ready to add the Autocomplete field to your submission form. Start by going to Round Settings > Submission Form in your program and opening the page you'd like the Autocomplete field to be on.

Add a new Text field and check Autocomplete from third party. This will give you 2 additional options: one to require Require selection from third party and the other to Set field values from third party, which will allow you to Prefill a field from your Integrations Hub, we'll go over that in detail in the next section.

Lookup for Netforum field prefill

  1. To begin setting up a Prefill field, click the Prefill tab in your Connector configuration.

  2. Click + Add Prefill Item under Prefill Settings. Choose from adding a Table field or a Submission form field.

  3. Enter in a relevant Alias name. Select the desired Object and Field. More information on using Aliases can be found here:

  4. In the Object dropdown menu, select the Object record that contains the fields with the data you want to use.

  5. In the Field, select the field value that contains the data you want to use.

  6. Click “Save” and "Test".

    • A successful test for this use case will be if you look up the First Name and Last Name of a user (which was set in the Autocomplete section), select the name and their relevant email address is displayed in the test box.

You’re now ready to add the prefill to your submission form. Under General Settings, grab the Prefill URL. This URL is added to the submission form field you'd like to configure the Prefill on.

You can add it when building your submission form under the Field Settings tab, on your Round Settings > Submission Form builder, Go to your "search" field, which is where users will type in the search to look for results.

Then select Autocomplete from third party and Set field values from third party and fill in the /prefill and /autocomplete URLs you copied.

In the Round Settings > Submission Form builder, once configured a Look Up field with Prefill functionally will look like this:

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