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Copy judging evaluation scorecard from one round to another
Copy judging evaluation scorecard from one round to another

Quickly clone evaluation form items and settings to another round in just a few clicks

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You may have a workflow where judges score applications against the same rubric across multiple rounds. To save yourself time and effort, you can copy your evaluation form settings from one round to another. This functionality clones all evaluation form items as well as any category group settings (if applicable) previously configured into another round of your choosing.

To utilize this feature:

  1. Navigate to your program

  2. Add your new round if it does not yet exist

  3. In your new round, click Round Settings to open the dropdown

  4. Click Evaluation Form from the dropdown list

  5. Above the Evaluation Scorecard table, click the button “Copy Questions from Another Round”

  6. Select the round you want to pull the questions from

  7. Click Duplicate

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