OpenWater supports GDPR and is also an active participant in Privacy Shield. If you would like further documentation about our GDPR support, please contact your support representative. Our European customers should turn on our additional privacy features outlined below.

GDPR Functionality

To turn on additional privacy functionality to support GDPR, click System Settings in the left side navigation and then Privacy.

Check the boxes to enable Cookie Consent and Email Consent. Please note that if you enable Email Consent, this will allow the recipient of emails to opt out of all emails sent from OpenWater, even transactional emails such as Confirmation Emails and Invoice Emails.

If a recipient changes their mind and would like to resume getting transaction emails, they should contact you and you can remove them from the list of revoked consent.

Data Deletion Request

Per GDPR you must comply with a data delete request for your end users.  Please notify OpenWater support with the email address of the account for which information should be erased with.  OpenWater support will reply within 1 business day to confirm you request.

After final approval, data will be removed from OpenWater.  This data is non-recoverable.

OpenWater Privacy Policy

Additional Privacy Policy information is available on our website.

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