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Configure the deadline dates for submissions and judging
Configure the deadline dates for submissions and judging

Choose when submissions and judging periods open and close for each round.

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Setting your dates is one of the very first tasks to configure when setting up a new program. In this article, you will learn how to set the open and close dates for when your submission form is accessible to applicants, as well as for the evaluation scorecards to be accessible to judges.

Set your dates

To set your dates, first navigate to your program.

Under the Round Settings drop down menu, click Open / Close Dates.

Choose the dates and times your submissions and judging will be available. Each round in your program will have its own dates. Dates can also overlap between rounds. We recommend keeping all of your dates open while setting up your program which will make it more convenient for you to test your platform before going live.

The Last Day to Submit means that no applicant will be able to access the submission form beyond this date. If you charge late fees, that can be configured while you setup your pricing.

Judging Period Closes is the last date and time that judges can make edits to their assigned submissions. Until this deadline, judges can make any changes to their scores and rankings that they wish.

Override Per Category

Submission Deadline

In some rare cases, you may want to close off taking new submissions for a particular category that is different than your default time period specified above. You can do so on a per category basis. See setting up categories for more details.

Judging Access

Similarly, after you have assigned submissions to judges, you can prevent them from judging in any category you wish until you decide they are able to.

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