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Add a new submission on behalf of an applicant

Complete or manually create submissions for an applicant

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As an administrator, you may need to manually create submissions on behalf of some applicant for different scenarios. You may be migrating submissions from another platform, or the applicant provided you their submission via some other method. In either case, you'd like that submission to be in OpenWater under that individual's account.

If the individual's account does not exist in OpenWater, you will need to add them as an applicant first.

Besides impersonating your applicant and visiting your program's Direct to Program link there are two ways to create a submission on behalf of an applicant: Creating a submission while Managing Applicants or while Managing your Program.

Add Submission While Managing Applicants

Click on Applicants in the left side navigation and then Search.

Select the applicant for whom you want to add a submission for.

Tab over to Applications and then click Add New Application.

Click Select on the program you want to add a new application for.

This will start a new submission and redirect you as an administrator to complete.

Add Submission While Managing your Program

Open Submissions > View All, View Complete, View Pending, View Complete or View Disapproved.

Click Add Application.

Select whether you'd like to create the new submission On Behalf of your Admin Account or an existing Applicant Account.

This will start a new submission and redirect you as an administrator to complete.

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