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Require individuals to sign up to become a judge
Require individuals to sign up to become a judge

Use a judge sign up form to recruit new judges. Approve judges as they come in.

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Most programs have committees, or hand selected judges who will be responsible for reviewing the submissions year over year. However, other programs go in a different direction and allow people to apply or sign up to become a judge. Programs that do this are offering a benefit, because it provides judges who participate a unique perspective on the work being published in the industry.

To configure the judge sign up form, first navigate to your program.

Build the form

Under the Program Settings drop down menu, click Overview.

Scroll down to Program Profiles and click Configure Sign Up Form.

On the following screen, click Enable Judge Program Profile. Copy and paste the url that appears and save it for later as you will need to make this link accessible to people who want to apply as a judge.

Enter a date and time for when judge sign ups should be allowed. Check the box for Require Admin Approval if you want to approve the sign ups as they come.

If you only have one round of judging, check the box for Rounds to Assign. If you have multiple rounds of judging, only check the boxes for which these judge sign ups will be participating in. Click Save.

To choose which fields appear on the judge sign up form, click Manage Fields.

By default we have a Bio field, but you can modify this form any way you wish using our standard OpenWater form builder.

Approve judges who signed up

Under the Judging drop down menu, you will now see View Judges Pending Approval.

Check the judge and then click the action you would like to take. Once you approve a judge they will then be added to that round and you will be able to assign them submissions.

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