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Allow applicants to export their submissions to excel
Allow applicants to export their submissions to excel
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Let applicants export a submission or all submissions to excel. This is helpful if you expect your applicants to be submitting dozens of applications each.

When applicants complete a submission or are working on a submission to finalize, they might want to have a copy of this data in excel. 

To allow applicants to export their submissions to excel, first go to the left hand side System Settings > System Features and enable Allow Public Users to Change Program Scope.

Then navigate to your program. Under the Program Settings drop down menu, click Applicant Settings.

Check the box for Allow Applicant to Export Applications and click Configure.

Click Auto-Detect Type. Choose your filter options and click Save.

Once you’ve configured your application export settings, your entrants will be able to click Export to Excel on the public website either on their incomplete, or on their completed submissions view.

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