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Support multiple currencies during checkout
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If you run a program with entrants from different regions, you might want to accept payment in different currencies. This feature allows you to set up the additional currencies you would like to support, and displays them in a handy dropdown at checkout for the entrant to select from.

Create and configure additional currencies

First, you will want to create your additional currencies. Navigate to System Settings on the left menu, click Payment Configuration, and switch to the Currencies tab.

Click the ADD NEW CURRENCY button.

Select the currency from the Currency dropdown.

In the Multiplier box, type in the value that will determine the exchange rate. This number should be the value you want to multiply the base currency by, to determine the total charged in the new currency.

For example, if you have a base currency in USD, and you wish to add the option to pay by AUD, you would set this multiplier to 1.57. An entrant’s cart totaling $100 USD would then display as $157 AUD upon selecting the AUD option. If you wanted to add another option to pay by GBP, you would set this multiplier to 0.81. An entrant’s cart totaling $100 would then show as £81 upon selecting the GBP option.

Click the Create button. This will return you to the Currencies screen and will show you your new currency on the list.

If you wish to change the multiplier amount, click the pencil icon in the Multiplier column.

This will allow you to type in a new amount. Click the check mark when done.

The top item on the list is the Base and is set at a value of 1 - this is the amount the multiplier will work from. To change the base currency used to calculate the multiplier from, click the Set as Base option next to the currency you want to use as base.

Set up your payment configuration(s) with the additional currencies

Navigate to System Settings  on the left menu, click Payment Configuration, and then click Select next to your program’s Payment Configuration. 

Note: If you run multiple programs and wish to only add additional currencies to a specific program, check out our guide on overriding the default system settings on a per program basis. This guide walks you through how to set up a separate payment configuration for a specific program.

By default, only your base currency will be active. Next to Currency, under your base currency, click the Manage link. 

This will display checkboxes for the additional currencies you set up in the first part of this guide.

Select the currencies you wish to make available as payment options at checkout. Click APPLY.

Click SAVE at the bottom of the page.

How it looks at checkout

The entrant will then see the options at the bottom of the Review and Checkout page, and can select their chosen currency by clicking on the dropdown, making a selection, and then clicking the Apply button.

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