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Allow applicants to copy submissions from one program to another
Allow applicants to copy submissions from one program to another

Also known as Linked Programs

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In some use cases, you may want to allow your applicants to copy a submission from one program to another.  This is a two-step process.  

1) Link the original and destination programs by matching the fields from one program to the other.

2) Prepare a url for your applicants to click to copy the submission

The following article will outline how to perform these steps.

Linking The original And Destination Programs

In order to link the original and destination programs, begin by navigating to the destination program. From the main dashboard, click manage on the destination program and then click  Program Settings and Linked Programs:

From the list of the programs available on your instance, select the original program and click Manage

Use the Automap feature to map the fields between the original and destination programs. This feature will attempt a best effort and match the fields from the original program to the destination program. You can also match the fields up manually. 

Next, navigate back to the main dashboard and copy the Direct to Program Link. Your Direct To Program Link should look similar to the below.

Once you have your Direct To Program Link, add the following text to the end of the url:


Your new url should look similar to the following:

You can distribute this newly created link to your applicants via email, landing pages on your public website, or other appropriate channels.

Copying A Submission From One Program To Another

The link created in the previous step will provide the applicant with the ability to copy a submission from the original program to the second program.

After clicking the link, the applicant will follow the prompts to choose which submission to copy.

The copied submission will be generated and the applicant can make edits before submitting into the second program.

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